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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
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The X-plane Background Of X-Hybrid X-15 X-24 Some YF-12 SR-71 No X-43 Hyper-X

These are some of the X-planes, the SR-71, the Space Shuttle and the X-hybrid SSUV. This is line art, the step between art and the drawings that designers make. I am using Microsoft Paint not a Cad program. The results I feel are good enough to show the design of the X-Hybrid. The drawings are large and I will be describing the factors that make the X-Hybrid works by the differences between it and the X-15, SR-71, and the Space Shuttle.

The X-24, X-33, X-34, X-37, and X-38 X-planes that had lifting body designs with no real wings per say. The Space Shuttle is of this design with the amount of wing area added till it was a functioning design. They are not apart of my design ideas. These are shaped planes designed to basically to fall a certain way and they do not fly and could not fly. The next generation of X-Planes that were to be the next shuttles were recently put on hold. One was the X-43 Hyper-X it was a wave rider. The X-Plane, the X-24 on the on the back side of the lower curved surface is where they thought that they could have combustion take place. They thought they could feather in the fuel over that part of the surface. (1960 or before) They had since that time enclosed the area where they were going to release the fuel and were planning to add the fuel more quickly. The X-24, X-33, X-34, X-37, X-38, X-43 or Hyper-X are X-plane variations that they thought would lead toward a working design an extension of what the X-43 Hyper-X was supposed to be. This type of engine was in the book I had in 1977 written pre 1960; I do not remember the book's name it had a kind of orange/red colored cover. I was not thinking of writing a reference work a that time or being separated from my books. My engine design is from giving up on from that same book.

The design of the X-hybrid is in the x-plane the X-15 and the A-12, Ye-12, and SR-71. The X-15 is the start of what a called the lifting body. The first A-12 / Sr-71 family of planes really show that they were rooted in the design of the X-15 as shown in the following pictures. The difference I wish you to notice is that of the lower vertical surface between the to X-15s. The X-15 on the ground has ejected part of the lower vertical surface. The A-12 / UY-12 the predecessor of the SR-71 has it's lower surface retracted for landing or from take off. They will over time decrease and later do way with the lower vertical surface on the SR-71. Right in back of where the pilot sits at mid body line on the X-15 and the YF-12 is where the lifting bodies area is starts. On the SR-71 the this is extends all the way from the nose. In later flights of the X-15 (mid 1960s) this change in shape was found to cause problems. They formed another shock wave that caused problems. The X-Hybrid does not use the lifting body idea for that reason. The X-15 would be it's closest relative but with out close inspection it may be assumed to be like the A-12 YF-12 SR-71 family of planes. This would be due to the engine requirements for the X-hybrid. The reason though for choosing the lifting body style is to bring strength to the wings not for the lift.

A Model X-15 X-Plane At High Mach Number

There is also the fact that every change in shape at more than Mach 1 will introduce another shock wave so a smooth or clean form is best. Here are the shock waves off of two models of a X-15. The first X-15 is going Mach 3.5. The second X-15 is going Mach 6. Notice the difference in angles of the shock waves between the two sets of pictures. Notice also the where the body of the X-15 flares the shock wave is as strong as off the nose. Not pictured is the X-15 with the scramjet / ramjet attached to the top of the vertical control surface. These shock waves will crush the scramjet / ramjet when at a right angle of attack, right Mach number at relatively high air pressure. The engines, etc. that are at an angle to the shock wave must be far enough away so that at high Mach number the shock waves do not strike them. Other wise they will require unnecessary strengthening. So the body will look like a SR-71 in the smooth clean form with feature that was supposed to be on the X-15 but was not used. The purpose will be different though on the X-Hybrid.

Bob L. Petersen

*The basic design is the same as the ones done before the was a choice of engine made. They are described in The Spaceflight Research List. This was prior to 1977. The design as pictured could be used for any of these. They included one design that would land upside down with a large cargo bay. This was so all the openings would be on one side. This design is the one referred to as the one that will not be using that method though. Those where described before 08/20/02.

**The design of the X-43 Hyper-X based on research and ideas from the 1950s. It was one of the ideas posed in a book I had from the early 1960s. My research will take a different course till the only way it is recognizable is if I same it is. The reason is two fold one avoid heating of the X-43 Hyper-X and avoid having three different main engines. The engine is by what I had as a design goal a failure. But it works for what I need it for. You can not get any more honest than that.

The nature of the engines and the size compared to the wing thickness precludes a 4 engine model. These engines are like ramjet engines most shaped tubing. The design will only support a small amount of wing on the outside. The amount of strengthening required would more than off set the gain. The engines themselves can be made only so large. Nothing the size of the shuttle.

If you hear different then someone is lying. People say they have a hand in many things the less good they are up to the more they will latch on to anything good.

I do not know if it is right for anyone to call a plane an X-plane except the U.S. Government. It is a group of planes that they paid for.

Bob L. Petersen

The X-plane Background Of X-Hybrid Design X-15 X-24 Some SR-71 No X-43 Hyper-X

Bob Petersen

If there are any questions please contact through the Contact Page. I am not unreasonable.
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