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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
Shuttle's first wheels off The compartment then used for airlock Efficient Shuttle Airlock Chamber Using Air Displacement Use of Space Canopy For Reentry of Plane ie Slowing For Reentry Canopy's Mechanism Storied Within Vertical Stabilizers
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Space: Farming Animals Machinery Soil Land Air And Water Management

Farming And Land Management

This of course would be started during construct of the sphere and will continue through out the use. The different kinds of crops grown on the farm land will require different kinds of soils. From black dirt to sandy loams. These during the early phases will be just piled up as work begins on the material that will make up the top soil. The minerals that are not suitable for top soils will later be buried and some sealed. The ring that circles the spheroid will handle drainage so that the soil and the storage of extra water. The ring will also will be used as a barn, pens for animals and the storage of grain and canned vegetables etc. Calves (see pharagrph below) can be transported into space then cows and cattle in space will be possible. Cows for milking and cattle for meat. The farm land will be rotated in use to allow it to recover. This should be done to allow for a change in the view also.

Water Management

The water in the amounts needed can not be hauled from earth. The metals that are used in the spheroid will have recoverable oxygen and hydrogen is available from space if it is gathered. The construction to final form was to take place over many years. Time is the key to the water production. Afterwards the water that should be stored. Both in the under ground storage or held in cycles on the land such as waterfall, lake, drainage down through the land to the drains. The water for the farming will also be another cycle. If the spheroid should start to leak. The ring was first to be home and the areas of material, areas of sand as beaches and the rest of the water a giant pool. Life and the surrounding would then grow.

Air Management

It in deciding about how to deal with carbon dioxide in the air long term I rediscovered another older answer to many questions, all of the above. It would be stupid to rely on one system to supply anything as important as air. I will have a mix of short and long term answers most from The Space Environment(1969). This method will follow through the rest of the searches for methods. There is method of breaking down carbon dioxide in the air in The Space Environment(1969) that requires algae. One for short term that air is pumped under pressure into water under pressure so that the carbon dioxide will remain dissolved in the water. Carbon dioxide is more soluble in water than oxygen or nitrogen and more will remain in the water. (Add some sugar from one of the other methods and some lemon sit back and watch the bubbles.) etc.

Animal Management Cows Cattle Pigs Chickens

This would be of course what I had figured I would try to take along. Fish, Chicks, Piglets, and Calves were on the list to try to take along. Trying to take pigs, cattle and chickens involve to much weight. The weight for chicks, piglets, and caves would be around 600 pounds. At 3 female and one male caves, 3 female and 1 male piglets pair, 20 or so chickens.

The Transport of Calves & Piglets Into Space For Cows Cattle Pigs For Milk Or Meat

There was an experience with a calf when I was young that is the reason I believe a calf could be taken into space. Just out of of it's mother we had to take the calf back to the barn Everything went wrong we loaded it on a horse the horse got stung by a bee. The horse ran, the calf came half loose and was drug. The horse kicked the calf in the head a couple of times. The hosre bolted because it wanted away from the calf and the calf was thrown by the horses body movement. Calf looked dead when we final got to it. Back at the barn and we gave the calf milk replacer. If it can survive that 1 minute and half and the next hour till we got it to the barn take off should be ok. I seen the calf with the other calves later some what smaller, spooked easily and shy. These 3 point could all work out well for a first generation of cattle. I have no information about just piglets or pig but there size when youg makes piglets for pig something worth doing. There may be early losses but I have always liked Veal. The piglets and caves would be hauled on their backs supported and balanced so that there will be no loading that would effect pilets and calves breathing. I had to position an old dog on its back to make it easier for it to breath. I ended up watching studying what position is best. The animals that stand on all fours, dogs, calves, piglets or the large ones cows cattle pigs if laid on their backs will have a load placed on their breathing by their stomachs bowels etc. They must be place with their head end raised.

The Transport Of Chicks For Chickens & Eggs

Chickens with their eyes covered will not move. If you lay them down and put a straw over their eye that is up they will just lay there. This is like the falcon with it's head covered it will not try to fly. This used to allow the chicks and chickens to be positioned for their trip into space. The thought of trying to transport egg was consider but I decided there would be too much damage to the egg.

Fish, The Space Environment

Fish in many forms could be used. The method of breaking down carbon dioxide list in the The Space Environment(1969) that requires algae. Fish would be a good choice even in the plane for this reason. From sunfish on up to some of the smaller game fish. The balance between fish game fish and algae is one that would be very important. Algae, fish by-products, etc goes into the soil as plant food.

Points To Consider For Raising Animals For Meat

Chickens put on 1 pounds of weight for 2.5 pounds of grain, cattle 1 for 10 pounds of grain and 'grasses' and pigs it is 1 to 10 pounds of mostly grain. These figures for pigs, cattle and chickens are during the growth period. Chicken is less because birds are cold blooded animals. There will be more grasses then needed but the demand for grain will grain will be high. The soil work up will start on the trip using the manures of the pigs, cattle and chickens being mixed with clay then cover with sod. Then scraped up and placed on other layers. The all the handling for animals would take more than the space I am allowing.

Should this fail there will be a lot of Veal in the freezer. Veal is high in vitamin D that is part of the reason for the difference in taste. The back up would be a vegetarian diet of beans and lentils(peas etc). There would have to be stores of B-12 for long term use of beans and lentils(peas) for a protein source. There is certain amount of enlarging of the stomach area when switching from meat to vegetarian diet. I was a vegetarian for about 1 1/2 years.

The Machinery Equipment & Tools

The machinery will be equipment of all kinds from farming to the equipment for making a spheroid. Bear in mind that tools make tools, equipment and machinery. They list of what should be done when should be setup to keep up on all the skills. The machinery equipment and tools will be stored in the underground ring. The workshop will have different entrance to the ring from the surface than the barn. With this list of tools and equipment though there will be things that could be made just for the sake of making them, one might be a car or a motorcycle. I want to say it again these need not be just work projects with these tools or equipment. If all this sounds a bit much I was raised near a Technical School so I have been exposed to these types of machines. That helped alot when I got to work with some of them. Machining metal thickness of a cut a lathe can make depend on the lathe (how strong and it's parts weight) and the type of bit high speed steel or carbide tool bit (strength and weight of the bit) But machine are machines they work logically. The best possible is that the tools equipment & skills needed to build a sphere or make or repair the equipment you must have to survive should be around the average of what you would do for, dare I say, fun. What is todays puzzle?

Every thing on this list can break and break further. These are just some of the breaks and the fixes.

I had thought of taking rabbits but squirrels

Rabbits and fibonacci how many out of how many. Just add tomatoes and you could survive. Squirrels have become of interest to me of later. I am now on the east coast and here the male squirrels don't chatter. Females chatter very softly range about 4 feet almost a whisper back home. The males here only cus it angered.

I chatter to them. Most of their activity involves filling a day. Burying and hunting just passing time. I do feed them too. I will chase them. They hold their paws down because of their sharp nails. They have all accidently turned them loose on one another. I am currently see if they will respond to pointing with the hand turning down.

The amount of questions involved in pointing at say a tossed nut. Are you saying that your nut or can I have it? You would have to say it's ok.

This spring a squirrel was trying to get some food out of a hard plastic containr. I was bbq chicken which is ok if your really hungry. He went through about 3 wings which I had given to him. A dog and owner approached he stood up straight and put arms down along body and shook. Here is your new "friend" standing in danger. The amount ate indicates hungry.

There is one squirrell with nibble marks on the end of one ear. She associates with humans "begs" more than she does with the other squirrels.

Even over a dog for the reason of being very independent and activite.

Do you want to play or As use to say I pray of thee.

The really hairy faced human who chatters

Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

This is from the start of a little boy who wanted a farm where he could take care of himself and be left alone. His father moved away from the kids that picked on him and he had a room with his own desk. That is where it started. They are just toys to me, things to tinker with.

Bob Petersen

Jobs and Wozniak are from my bio page 5 dated before 8/20/02.

Bob L. Petersen

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