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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
Shuttle's first wheels off The compartment then used for airlock Efficient Shuttle Airlock Chamber Using Air Displacement Use of Space Canopy For Reentry of Plane ie Slowing For Reentry Canopy's Mechanism Storied Within Vertical Stabilizers
2 Floors Large Rooms 1/3 Library Small Personal Areas And Pool The Basements: A Shop, Darkness Ultra-violet and Mud, A Catapult The Lake The Land The Lane The Landscape Of A Place Of Escape This House Has Fallen And. So I Have. Why Do They Want It?

The First Floor Second Floor And The Domes

There are larger plans at the bottom of the page with the names of on the plans.

The House: Entry Way, Library, Dining Room, Living Area & Guest Rooms

The house's first and second floors will be covered together on this page. Because for instance the library and study dome occupy space on both floors. The house beside being a "dream house" was to have made it possible to have people that either worked for me or were business contacts over. Part of this would be to see if I would be interested in them going along and if they they would be interested. They must be able to do more than what they are allowed, know how something is done well that they cannot do, and consider their or anybodies serious attempt worth it's effort. This is the way I want to be and if I cannot find others that are this way, there will be no one else around. There is at the start though alot of time and play can allow for mind to look around. Everybody will have their own place. Only I really know the house this way, but that was what I was doing when designed the house. I was trying to see the people I was comfortable with could believe if anything could grow, they could grow or if I could gow while they were watching. There was more going on then this.

The Entry Way (First floor and Second floor View)

An interesting note for the interested only. The stairs are hand drawn. After many tries and failures I figured our a solution and then the reason for what worked. I could draw half of the stairs very well. but not the other half. I took the half I had drawn well on the last try and pivoted it by 90 degrees and flipped it around. Our vision calulates from either the horizontal or the vertical plane which does mine do well? All knowledge finds its place. The stairs. To complex? Can you know the answer to the first question?

This provides access to all of the house to anyone who knows where they are going and what they are doing. The dining room or formal gathering is just off to the right as on enters the house, the doorway on your right as one walks toward the dining room or formal gathering is to the coat room. The casual gathering or multifunction area is straight ahead through the entry past the stairways. To the left is the library and office if business matters come to the house that is where they will be handled. The library has it's own stairway to the second floor of the library. The doorway to the left as one walks to the library is the stairway down to the below ground parking and basement. The twin staircases to the second floor allow me to go to the personal area and the bedroom dome on the left or to enter the library and almost directly to the study dome. Someone who is trusted in the house can go up the stairs to the bedrooms that are their for them when they want to help on something extra, I will explain this more later. The area under the U shaped walkway on the second floor and area under the stairs are the storage for the furnture etc. for the different uses of the gathering or greater rooms.

The Two Floors Of The Library

The office is important only if what I am doing or claiming is called into question. It is where the search for books would start or any business type meeting. The rest of the first floor library is rows shelves full of books. On the second floor the back of that is of course more shelves full of books. I like to have the facts and by that I mean the source, usely it is books. I like more than one source on any subject. I like knowing about many subjects and I know I cannot lead on every subject at the time of the houses design the library would have had another picking all the books on some subjects and on areas within subjects whatever area showed more knowledge then on that part of the subject. This is why there are 2 floors to this library. The library is to contain knowledge and education material wide most subjects on could be educated in. From "rocket science" to vocational skills from mathematics to psychology, from history to english from painting to most instruments played. If it could be made I wanted a book on it.

The Libray Study Dome With Private Kitchen And Bathroom name or description of image name or description of image

The real place I would study and thought would take place in the domed study. I contains its own core of books and some colllectables. Most of the time I would get spend under the dome would be at night with the stars and planets above. It is a private place where I could go and work on a question that has no answer. What goes on in here must go effect my atitudes outside and nothing from the outside should come in to bother me. Search, check, good, maybe, what else, this probably the second best answer, and nothing means anything but this answer. The area below the dome is a round room with a half bath and a small kitchen so I could be in there for a whole day. Leave everything all laid out the way it was. That was the way it was when did my work then really. This library would be one, no one would think someone who put it together would ever be able to leave it behind. But before there were scanners there where photocopiers let alone the wire serves photo transport system that moved information, they just had no memory. Seeing that coming and wanting it for various reasons. The library could be complied after the computer was made. If I have to explain how start your own library till you know education and thought equals growth. The other person who was picking books for the library by custom was to stay at home. There would be no serevants and not much to do. I asked if she would do the scanning of the books for part of the day and what ever else seem right to do. I wanted this to be a secret and had a small room hiden in library for the equipment, a second dome was a requested. I only have 2 people involved and the complexity of the house is growing also will the parts I want for me have to disappear.

The Banquet Dining or Formal Gathering Room

name or description of image
This was the dining room as I first drew it up, but someone wanted something more person for private meals. This room then is a great room by it,s size alone and would not really see must personal use but the occassional moment when one might do something special. The use then a banquet room would be it's main use, it would at that be prefect. I do not think many more would have known about the house before I built it, I do like failing at anything so no one would have know about it. Dispite what one might think there would not be any "servants" in the house. The kitchen was to be of my design and I would have to know what I could do in with someone or a couple of people I trusted. I had at seen banquets setup in many ways but the one the first remains one of my favorite. The tables were setup so that they formed a large box. That way over 75 % of the group was visable at the same time. There really is no head table and if you must you could start by asking questions. The following and more spread out over time and maybe meany such gatherings. Explaining how dinner got to the table would might start from a more normal formal business environment might start the people talking to the group not amongest themselves. Even explain how much of the money went into the house and what was in business ressrves. Some of what I like to do besides what envolves the business. What this What do you like to do what are your interests other then what we do. I really do not care what anyone does anything is mental motion and if I had to say that I would. Candid remarks allowed let it take it' course. A walk around the the first floor and maybe retire to the pool area to watch the sun go down over the ocean. Do they include me or tell what they find out from each other. I would do this as long as I owned the business. This is what was happening when I started thinking of what is the next step and how can I get there and with whom.

The Stainless Steel Kitchen And Appliances And The Little Dining Room

name or description of image
The kitchen I had planned to design or setup and constructing myself. The walls and the ceiling were to be all covered in stainless steel. I drew up plans for Kitchen earlier as I had in the 70s but they where not at this scale. I had the placed the walkin freezer, the walkin refrigerator along the back of the kitchen. The stoves and ovens on one side and islands of counters down the middle. The dishwasher would go along the wall toward the back of the house. Part of the reason I wanted to do this is for the experence a working with stainless steel. The other reason was to have a source for stainless steel and I did not know if could work the metal it those types of forms. The appliances such as the walk in freezer, the walkin refrigerator, stoves, ovens, counters and dishwasher would be a good start for working with pipe ie welding, drilling, threading and light machining. Though basicly just for edges, corners, and straight curves. The car projects would provide more complex curves and forms.

The Little Dining Room

The little dining area is not my Idea but I like it, it is more then a breakfast nook, it would be the dining room most os the time. The point is really, yes the large dining room is nice but why use it to death or leave half used. Set other up as you would like to be leave maybe with the tables in that big box arangement. That way if someone came over to the house for any reason before anything was said. They would see big house and dining room is setup for a large group that should with the fact that I just seem work and go home tell them who is coming to dinner. This last thought is do to one person nonbelief in how serious I was, I do not like losing friends because of people get the wrong idea. The ability to change the main dining room's arrangement is apart of that leaving room for different arrangements.

The Livingroom Or Theater Multipurpose Room name or description of image

The living room is mainly for entertaining after dining. The Multipurpose portion of the room is how it is arranged. The couchs could arranged so the people could sit and talk in groups. The couchs could be setup in rows with the screen nxt to the wall on the right. Some of the couchs could be taken out, the rest put along the walls and small tables put in for playing cards or other games. Having the back wall toward the pool be one big set of open doors but it could not be opened up that wide or that high with the second floor deck. The area under the deck outside would provide that kind of space and view. What would be different though would be being in a almost 50 foot by 50 foot room only to look out upon an area that one could only see a part of.

The Personal Area, Domed Bedroom and Bathroom

name or description of image
The pictured is the closet that runs all the wall accross. This is for seasonal clothing, special purpose clothing, shoes, boot, etc. The area along the outside wall would contain various kinds of exercise equipment. At time of working out the design of the house I had my weight set and bench for doing presses in my apartment, but it is hard work oneself to the limit without risking injury to ones self. I had built a simple vertical frame mounted to the wall with a set of pulleys one at the top and another set at the floor. The ropes ran from the weights on the benchs brackets to upper pulley and then down to the lower setaand back up. There were serveral loops other exercises could be done. This weight machine was primative and frame was made of wood, it was just what I coould do at the time. The bicycle is an excellent source of endurance exercise. There is not even today real a good variable load exercise bicycle. A exercise bicycle based on a multiple speed bicycle with variable load would have been my first choice partly because mutliple ways of varing the load and the speed of the padeling. If some of the people were capable of growth without a strong need for comparsion with others, their using this equipment would this would be good testing. This equipment would have to be built by me. Because this being a personal area this the last place anyone would see though. This equipment would have to be built by me. I like to dive to dive, nothing fancy just out and up into the air. The extension on the deck behind the personal area is mainly for this. There is a area with in the personal area that is someone elses idea. The glass doors lead to the deck out over the pool. The best picture for veiwing this are at the bottom of the page.

The Bedroom Dome And Bathroom
name or description of image name or description of image

The dome starts at head height which is equal to the outside walls of the house. So only the sky really visiable. The bed would normally facing toward the northern sky. It is not far though from sitting out on East Adams on the hood of the car to watch the last good meteor shower till near the end of the last centrury. Various methods making sure no one could see throught the dome were talked about. There was a request for a quiet small place. Somebody wanted a bedroom dome. The clothes that one would normally wear stored around the circle.

The Added Bedrooms
name or description of image
These bedrooms are for stay over guests. Later, I had hoped others would try there hands throwing the large gathering or parties, for the rest of the people. At about this time I would know if their would be a group to leave. I also figured about here would appear the group that wanted me out. These bedrooms would also be fore those that would stay over to help in construction of the plane. That was based on peoples past actions. It most be remembered that Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak magically found themselves "distracted" or sidelined, and unable to properly manage a company and all of Bill Gates original core group is gone. People are replaced by people who are often just more agressive, not smarter, not wiser and sometime just to get control and ride out what started as a good idea.

The Pool, Deck Area And The Bathrooms

name or description of image name or description of image

The pool and deck area take up half of the house's area. The main part of the deck area is the area between house and the pool. The extra deck area at the left of the pool is for the diving boards, they could be taken down to provide for more open deck area. This would be the last place to have gathering though, only if I had given up on finding anyone more to go along. I wanted the pool, that was the main reason for this area. The pool is long enough to do laps.

These bathrooms are for the whole house and the pool. The formal dining room is just past the kitchen. The other living room is the middle doors in front of the pool. The bedrooms all have their own bathrooms and the library has a bathroom for use while I was studying and the first floor of the library just accross the front of the pool.

Bob L. Petersen

The First And Second Floor
name or description of image name or description of image

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

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The floor plans for a large house. 2 Floors, dining, family, entertainment living room, kitchen, & living rooms, 2 Floors Library, pool , small personal areas, study dome, bedroom dome, office and other interesting features.