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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
Shuttle's first wheels off The compartment then used for airlock Efficient Shuttle Airlock Chamber Using Air Displacement Use of Space Canopy For Reentry of Plane ie Slowing For Reentry Canopy's Mechanism Storied Within Vertical Stabilizers
2 Floors Large Rooms 1/3 Library Small Personal Areas And Pool The Basements: A Shop, Darkness Ultra-violet and Mud, A Catapult The Lake The Land The Lane The Landscape Of A Place Of Escape This House Has Fallen And. So I Have. Why Do They Want It?

Revisited: This house has fallen. Washington D.C. tries to say it's helping the United States to function thur these tough times. There has not been any legal help for me here. They would like to use what ever they had to coverup their past acts which have been all crimmial. Those wanting to show their face want to laugh in my face. The less I can do the better they'll look with their dreamed up lies.

It could have been long ago by others.

Lincoln decided use me getting dragged through the mud in Colorado give up what I had. What I didn't know I really had. Long ago and safely far away in the back of my head. Wronged and arriving in Washington D.C. I found them ready to do the same. I still will not at that time have gone over earlier events. I had grown. Some have lived just to steal.

So rather then doing it's job. Then not getting anything partnering with who ever it has to. Hopping to reach agreement with others and steal from me.

Who else? I got clubbed in San Francisco by someone knowing Washington D.C. was just going to play the waiting game. This wasn't done by street people this was by people who some in Washington D.C. had found my computer. I will hear here what was on that computer.

The all at the top support the players show is over. The players now are gone and the village idiots are in their place. No pros no truth.

I will still here after all of this we can't pay you if it's not about us.

I've been writing about this long enough so that the old saying is true. Thriught the 8 years of bothering me. We can't tell what the truth is. Answer this year than go the hell away. Still they are bothering me till I can't work.

Who watches the watchers.

Who watches the watchers just more watchers.

You couldn't hire anbody here to do it. It's Joke!

Mine has fallen. Yours you inherited. You've inherited something that will let you cheat someone. If you break everyone of it rules.

Bob L. Petersen

This house has fallen.

Seward County as a spot of sandy soil. They have sold sand out of it as fill sand. It doesn't look the same as then and the house can't be set where I wanted it. I wanted to buy it and put up a house there. No bedroom dome just one for the library. No planning for anyone else to come there! I did plan to still leave the planet from there.

And sand now covers the Northern Hemisphere.

I have a certain amount of back pain. I had one idiot running around trying mockingly to be helpful. I forgot my computer was out and moved on. Inside LOC. I have heard descriptions of choice things that where on it shooted at me. Nice people dressed well. Just, a HUT you didn't do that because you were lied to be someone. Sorry the young Jews girl isn't in my story but it is in yours.

Do everything for your own group anywhere.

Nothing is deplorable.

Nobodies action or organizations have anything to do with me. All they want is for someone to cause me enough trouble so that they can be seen as good. Me they don't care about. Nobody.

They have not been confused or wonder whether they might be they have just been bothering me. To near the point of exhuastion at times.


They have people that have talked people in Lincoln. If there was any search for truth it would have been done in 2001. After 2003 your both a joke. 2004 Stinoln raised the standard for joke. 2006 walk thru D.C. mirrored Linclon by bringing out the leftover kids like they where supposed to believe they were.

No one ever decided to anouce that it was mine. Bring me into the light where I would be safe.

Just crocks.

The designing started in 1974 and the nuts and bolts of the design were worked out in 1976. It was to be 150 feet x 75 feet with a pool area taking up another 150 feet x 75 feet. It includes all the things I could possible do. It even included a lake because I knew how to make a small lake. The house's purpose is really as much due to it functions as anything. The place that I hoped to build it was on the west coast, around San Francisco on a hill with the back or the pool side of the house looking out over the ocean. The main features of the house were worked on one of one at a time, some were not solved on the first try. I went on to work on some of the house's other design features. Later, the answer to these design problems where found among things required for the rest of the design. One of the features provided the solution to the problem of constructing the house.

It is easy to see that had I been able to proceed with construction of the house I would have needed an architect. The house has so many innovative ideas that in asking anyone to construct the house it would be best to have an architect of some reputation go over the design of the house and it's construction. The architect would know more about who was capable of constructing the house and the various subcontractors needed for finishing the house.

There are two floors above ground, a pool where the entire pool area could be covered or open, a basement that is both garage storage and shop. There n a small sub-basement at the front of the house for the heat, air conditioning, power, etc.. There was to be a screwjack elevator in the driveway to take the cars trucks and equipment to the basement and sub-basement of the house. The entry way is in the middle of the house with one staircase on each side. The room behind the entry way would be the living room or the smaller of the 2 great rooms. The was to have been 10 or more bedrooms just in case some body I knew wanted to come or I wanted to hold a party where none of the guess had to leave that night. A library would take up one side or wing of the house or about a 1/3 of the house. The dining room or the larger of the to 2 great room and kitchen on the first floor of the other side of the house. The second floor area on that side of the house would have been closets at the front end and weight room, and private area. There were to be 2 domes, one a library/study side and the other as the bedroom on the other side. The area below the bedroom dome would be a full bathroom and the area under the library or study dome a 1/2 bath and a small kitchen. The outside walls would conceal the domes from ground level around the house.

I wanted the whole house to be on built with prestressed concrete floors and walls. That way if there was an earthquake the house would be able to withstand as strong as earthquake as possible. I wanted the pool to coverable, the problem was I did not like the idea of roof being visible when it was not covering the pool. Then I was stuck with having to add a separate outside wall on two of the sides. These base of the outside walls could used to load the roof to so the roof of the cover would not have to be as heavy and walls as wide or as heavy. There would be roller on the bottom that and on the outside pushing against the base of outside wall. I then thought about adding a front wall to match. For the concrete to be prestressed wires or rods under tension must run horizontally thought the concrete while it is setting up, this outside wall serves two functions one of which I will not go into. This when it occurred to me that the additional walls could be used for holding the tension on the wires or bars during the construction of the main part of the house. There are then two very critical factors to be considered the amount of concrete to be poured and the amount of tension from the wires or bars on the outside wall.

The solution to these problems has a common answer in something I was lucky to see and here about its construction. That being a grain elevator. They are the sometimes a 140' structures that dot the plains. They start out with the forms on the ground. The forms are linked at the top with the form extending done on both that the inside and the outside walls of the individual silos that make up the structure. The concrete is poured in from all around the top and after it gets near the top. They start cranking the form up on the steel reinforcing that while stay within the concrete. There are two important things going on, the first is the top is wet while at the bottom it is dry but not cured. The second is the pressure down across this 15 foot plus of form is such that it forces the water out of the concrete. This speeds the drying of the concrete. The form is cranked up inches per hour.

Now I really cannot count on anyone taking the time to read all of this or to believe that this can happen in this way. This was done on something that was not a on demanded project and should not be used for anything that is really on demanded. I do believe that part this design have been considered by others before and after I did. For all it's grandeur it exists for the catapult and the plane in the sub-basement.

Bob L. Petersen

This house has fallen.

Losing to you is the best thing. Your nothing and will be seen as nothing forever.

Bob L. Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

Bob Petersen

Bob L. Petersen

This house has fallen.

Losing to you is the best thing. Your nothing and will be seen as nothing forever.

Get A Clue Mud Puddle In Sphere House Gone It's Over