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X-hybrid: X-plane shuttle & Solar System Utility Vehicle SSUV The Background Of The X-Hybrid Shuttle: X-15 & SR-71 The 1G Living Spheres Large Open Volume And Surface Area These Designs For Living In Space Aren't Reagan's Star Wars
Shuttle's first wheels off The compartment then used for airlock Efficient Shuttle Airlock Chamber Using Air Displacement Use of Space Canopy For Reentry of Plane ie Slowing For Reentry Canopy's Mechanism Storied Within Vertical Stabilizers
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Some other people for various reasons I considered might try space flight.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

This was in the 1980s when Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were forced out or what every at Apple. This is very close to what I said I let happen or do. To let them force you out when they get to greedy then leave. I was depressed I thought for sure Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak where going to go into space. This lasted till I saw Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak on MTV because they were backing a Woodstock like concert complete with counter culture and everything. This is to high a profile to get away with something like taking off into space. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak would have had the technical knowledge for the control systems and the computers. They had over $10,000,000. I was sorry to hear about Steve Wozniak plane crash that to though still leads to begging question what was Steve Wozniak thinking about possible space flight. Jobs is back as CEO at Apple and seems happy with who that makes him. I do not even know who Bill Gates is at this time it.

Bill Gates Paul Allen and or Bob O'Rear

Bill Gates who could tell what thoughts had cross his mind. He had around him people with knowledge. On in the person of Bob O'Rear who had in advanced degrees in mathematics and astrophysics. Bob O'Rear was in the control room during the first moon landing in 1969. Beyond the degrees he enjoys animal husbandry which I have explained a little of here on these pages. Paul Allen and Bill Gates were friends further back. But Paul Allen after withdrawing from Microsoft did not do anything that would indicate any even interest in the idea of living in space. For the Hodgkin's disease Paul Allen in 1983 was advice that he should get annual check ups in case of occurrence. Bill Gates has shown no interests except computer programming and now giving money away. I would have to say no Bill Gates & Paul Allen trying to go into space and is Bob O'Rear still in Texas.

There is an Urban Legend that Bill Gates or someone would take off leading a group of those that feel they are superior to most if not all people. This crowd then making a shame of the good people of the United States. I am sure that at different times others then Bill Gates or Steve Jobs could have been considered for this label. Labels are handed out to cause panic or just a reason to spy on someone.

How far can a world go wrong when someone starts one lie and someone else plans on that lie. The second not being a nice as the first. And so on. When evil can plan on a wrong move it is over. They will never put it in the paper so you know or have to face.

Bob L. Petersen

Opps I said Microsoft

I am not poking fun at any of the above people to include Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates & Paul Allen & Bob O'Rear

Bob Petersen

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are from my bio page 5 dated before 8/20/02.

Maybe in the same way. Jobs & Wozniak, Bill Gates & Paul Allen & Bob O'Rear. Jobs must have Woz to be off. No not Bill Gates after the caterpillar in pirates.