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Some People For Various Reasons I Considered Might Try Space Flight.

George W. Lucas Gene Roddenberry & Steven Spielberg

It is hard to put George W. Lucas and Gene Roddenberry in a group together other then Space Science Fiction. Steven Spielberg friend who has worked on projects with George W. Lucas his early work on space was much different than George W. Lucas. From there it would require more information to know if George W. Lucas, Gene Roddenberry or Steven Spielberg where planning a flight into space. The amount of information available today is larger then in the 1960s or 1970s. There is the web constantly crying for more real constant.

Gene Roddenberry And Majel Barrett Roddenberry

Roddenberry's was pilot but by the 1960s that was only a part of his history. But many things that I have done just lay back there waiting. Gene Roddenberry start with Television wing of a movie studio is not a promising start toward space. Gene Roddenberry is died, now the only source of information would possible be Majel Barret Roddenberry telling all she knew of Gene. There has been a book all about them, a very telling book about them no indication he had any real ideas about space. Gene Roddenberry uses terms freely in the original series. He uses the term Ion Drive as something that is supposed to be more efficient than a Warp Drive. Ion drives were in the books of the 1960s and of course there was not than and is not now. Stephen W. Hawking states about the chance of there being a Warp Drive this way. I would not rule out the possibility. Stated another way I cannot see how but there might be a chance. If Stephen W. Hawking said no there would be less of a chance. Real information is lacking to say whether Roddenberry was thing of a flight into space. But still must be asked about Gene & Majel Barret Roddenberry partly because she continued after him, after it looked like it was over.

There is not reason for the ship to be shaped the way it is and it was different at the time. But it is the Enterprise and there were 400 plus crew members and after 2 weeks of watching I calculated they were going to run out of crew members before the 5 year mission was up. They were dying off real fast. Gene Roddenberry does not go into what normal Earth Bound life would be like or even what all 400 crew members are doing. It is a story but a good story about just one part of a big world.

George W. Lucas

George W. Lucas started with photography and moved on to Motion pictures. With George W. Lucas's first space movie he show a range of different types of ships the major ship being logical in nature. The majority of George W. Lucas's smaller craft were some what fanciful in nature. There could be a threat of logic in the design of a couple of important smaller craft, but most seem fanciful. George W. Lucas has had the time and the money.

He started his own studio and he hired his own talented people. One is Ben Burtt he has a Masters Degree in Physics. Pages about Ben Burtt indicate he was always interested in sound even while getting his degree in Physic. The degree was supposedly part of what interested George W. Lucas in Ben Burtt. Physics has been the broadest of all knowledge taught in many ways. In classes ranging force and motion, to electrons in orbit, to working with motherboards chips and C.P.U.s there were many subjects that were most likely touched on in many different classes. Ben Burtt is like Bob O'Rear in that he seems to have a boarder range of knowledge in some respects that the person being considered. The fact that George W. Lucas disassembled the core of his studio in 1990 and let Ben Burtt go to pursue independent sound work showed that there was no long term plan that was still working prior to 1990. Since that time George W. Lucas has went back to work and made to more movies. Some of the crafts are fanciful, some are part history in some ways and some are old varieties of possible design. Two fact according to some George W. Lucas does not talk about his ideas with anyone according to his employees. He also is now one movie short of every Star Wars movie be the highest grossing movie in the year it came out. If more than a spider messes up his run well something to Jones about where ever you are from. Even if it's not his fault.

Steven Spielberg ET C

Steven Spielberg early work showed little of what he might have thought powered his ships. It would be hard though to escape being compared to George W. Lucas if the two were both stressing the same points. On Minority Report Steven Spielberg gave a list of his sources these were not people he could have confided anything major and he just used it as a background for his story. The amount of steel required for the world in that movie would be astronomical. The story seems to be the most important part of Steven Spielberg's work. Where George W. Lucas is more action and his wonderful toys.

Bob L. Petersen

Opps Have I said any trade marks did I

I am not poking fun at any of the above people to include: George W. Lucas, Gene Roddenberry or Majel Barrett Roddenberry however I am making fun of ET C Steven Spielberg.

Bob Petersen

Steven Spielberg George W. Lucas Gene Roddenberry or Majel Barrett Roddenberry